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Released in April 2018 in the US and UK and in August 2018 in India, THE FALL OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION synthesizes the history, economy, psychology, philosophy, constitution, politics and law, as part of a sweeping analysis of the decline of the Western nations in the last hundred years.


Can Western civilization stop its decline? The West gave the World the light bulb, the internal combustion engine and much more that vastly improved the life on earth. But lately, the West is tired, hopeless, and dying. Author Shivaji Lokam says Western countries have been in a self-destruction mode for the past hundred years: first the two World Wars, then the Cold War, now the Experts-driven utopian pursuit of open borders and multiculturalism.

The unaccountable experts have been wrong more times than anybody can count. They were wrong on financial crisis, bailouts, stagnant wages, higher taxes, brexit, trump, global trade deals. The experts failed because they were part of the problem. This incredible book tells the story of why they get it wrong every time and their pivotal role in causing the irreversible Western decline.

In The fall of Western Civilization you will learn:


  • How Classical Liberalism caused World Wars, Great Depression, Socialism, Fascism, Cold War, and Decolonization


  • Why Modern Liberalism wants nothing short of the full destruction of the West and its values


  • Why the West is becoming less free


  • How America and Europe’s destruction were long sown in the novel ideas that came out of the European Enlightenment two hundred years ago


  • Why the elites in the West are utterly clueless and how their fancy education never contributed anything positive


  • What were the ultimate causes of the 2008 Financial Crisis that crippled the western economies

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